1 Million Children Educated in India

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emily king

December 3rd 2018

We're excited to announce another incredible milestone... our education teams have now educated over ONE MILLION children in India!! 

Over the last five years, our teams have been working across India, empowering children in local schools and community groups with the knowledge of how to protect themselves from rabies and what actions to take if bitten by a potentially rabid dog. 

We have now been actively working in 1,390 schools across Goa and led workshops for hundreds of community groups to ensure as many of the people living in this at-risk region are protected. During our month-long mass vaccination and education drive this October, over 12,000 dogs were vaccinated and more than 24,000 children educated by Mission Rabies lifesaving lessons!! These 24,000 children have now joined the others around the world who have received vital knowledge on rabies and wound first aid. We will continue to visit schools and groups across India and our other global projects until no one dies from rabies!

Dr Murugan, our Director of Education in India said “One third of all human rabies deaths occur in India which is why our work here is so important. By educating children in schools we are having a real impact where it’s needed most. We prioritise primary schools as we know that children are more receptive to new messages at this age and more likely to share these with their community, so there is a multiplier effect for each of these one million children reached."

To read some case studies of children who have benefitted from these important lessons, please read Palin and Eknath's stories. 

This year, there have been no rabies-related human deaths recorded in Goa or Ranchi, our core Indian project sites and this is as a result of our committed vaccination and education programmes!! Our Goa project has now become the largest systematic mass dog vaccination and community education campaign to ever have been conducted in India. Across our projects, our total number of children educated is an awe-inspiring 2,337,980!! ROCK ON!!

You can help us continue to reach even more children who need these lifesaving lessons by joining us on a volunteer programme or donating today!