10 Marathons in 10 Days: Going the Extra Mile to Help Eliminate Rabies

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emily king

November 14th 2017

In just over a week, Debra Bourne is taking on a mega challenge to fundraise for Mission Rabies…

In November I reach 50 years old. To celebrate this – or defy it – starting on 24 November, I’m running the Saxon Shore Challenge Series: ten six-hour challenge events at six locations around the south-east Kent coast. I aim to run a marathon a day for each of the ten days.

I’ve chosen to raise funds for Mission Rabies because I admire their work towards eliminating rabies, and I believe that with enough will – and enough money – the amazing goal of eliminating dog-mediated rabies CAN be reached.

Rabies is an awful disease, whether in dogs, other animals or humans, and it is preventable. If at least 70% of dogs in an area are vaccinated, then herd immunity is established and the disease will die out in that area. This means an end to horrific deaths for both dogs and people – particularly children – bitten by rabid dogs. The work of Mission Rabies has shown that it IS possible to reach the goal of 70% of dogs vaccinated. With greater funding, their work can be carried out in more areas: vaccinating dogs, and educating children so that they are less likely to be bitten.

I’m training by increasing the number of days I run, particularly running the 5.5 hilly miles to work and back most days as well as longer runs at the weekends. I have run ultramarathons as long as 54 miles in one go, but I’ve never previously tackled a multi-day event like this, so it’s definitely going to be a challenge!

 Running one marathon can be hard. Running ten of them in ten days will be tough – a real challenge.

If you’d like to donate to support Debra on her challenge and help Mission Rabies in the fight against this deadly disease, please visit her Justgiving page.