10 Reasons to Donate to Our Malawi Appeal

Post by
emily king
August 22nd 2019

We urgently need to raise funds to protect over 80,000 children in Thyolo district, Malawi. Located just outside our existing project, where child deaths from rabies have been all but eliminated, this community desperately needs protection. 

With your help we can deliver an immediate and life-saving vaccination drive this October, but we need £10,000 to help fund this work. Check out our top 10 list of reasons why you should support this project below!


  1. Save 59,000 lives. That’s how many people die from rabies every single year, despite being 100% vaccine-preventable. Communities like Thyolo in rural Malawi have no way to protect themselves. But you have the power to change this.
  2. Stop innocent dogs from being killed. This project will show the local government what research has already proven – that mass culling is not the solution.
  3. Get to the source. 99% of human rabies cases are caused by an infected dog bite. Prevention is better than cure – that’s why our methods treat the disease at its source, eliminating rabies in dogs before it can reach people.
  4. Vaccinate across borders. There are still rabies hotspots around the world that we have not been able to visit yet. By expanding into Thyolo, your donations will be helping us get to where we’re needed most.
  5. Help children grow up in safety. Children are the worst affected by this deadly disease. Imagine your child walking down the street, knowing that their next interaction with a dog could end their life. No parent should have to live with this fear.
  6. Go big! These campaigns can be scaled up, allowing governments to tackle the disease on a national level. Our teams are made up of local people and we train communities and governments to give them the skills needed to keep elimination programmes going, until the disease is stamped out completely.
  7. Trust the science. You can be safe in the knowledge that your donations are helping fund scientifically proven work – all our programmes can be backed up by research and are acting as a blueprint for rabies elimination worldwide.
  8. Back a winning team. We know we can achieve this goal – you’ve already enabled us to vaccinate over one million dogs across the globe. Help us reach the 24,500 dogs of Thyolo!
  9. Have double the impact. You’ll be saving a dog’s life, but not only that, you’ll be saving families too.
  10. Feel amazing! You’ll get the rewarding feeling knowing your money is making a real difference where it’s needed most!

To donate, simply visit our Justgiving page, donate via our website or check out our Facebook fundraiser! On behalf of of our teams, and the communities of Thyolo, thank you!