A Record-Breaking Zomba City Campaign

Post by
emily king
June 27th 2018

The Mission Rabies team have just returned from this year’s vaccination drive in Zomba city, Malawi, and the results are staggering!! With the help of a team of volunteers from Clinician’s Brief, the team took to the streets in the fight against rabies!

In just under two weeks, an incredible 8,600 dogs (and 400 cats) were vaccinated against this deadly disease!! This beats the highest recorded figures for previous years, with 8,100 vaccines administered to dogs and cats in 2016. This amazing achievement is down to the determination and passion of our team members and volunteers, as well as an increase in sensitisation work prior to the campaign starting.

This year our sensitisation teams ran new outreach sessions to places of worship and youth groups and improved their partnership with city ward councillors and the Zomba city executive council. Local mobile network providers, TNM, also sponsored the campaign by sending out text messages about the static point vaccinations in the week before our drive began!

More people brought their dogs to static points for vaccination than ever before in the city, with a surprising increase in attendees at 19 out of 20 static points around the city! Alongside the static point clinics, our teams also walked door-to-door to vaccinate as many animals as possible in this community.

Clinician’s Brief and Brief Media have worked with Mission Rabies for a number of years and the enthusiasm their volunteers bring to the team is incredible! Our local staff and team members loved sharing stories with them and it just shows how, by working together, we can help save lives in these rabies-threatened regions.

Post-vaccination surveys are starting this week to confirm the impact the campaign has had on the community. This will also help us determine the data collected is accurate and complete, aiming to ensure we have reached over 70% of the dog population to maintain herd immunity.

Our local team will be running vaccinations in the wider district surrounding Zomba city in the coming weeks, beginning on the 2ndJuly! Keep an eye out on our social media for updates!

As we say in Malawi, TIMAKWANA!! (Let’s do this!)