Catching dogs in Coimbatore

Post by
Kate Shervell
July 10th 2013

This week, three of the vets from the WVS International Training Centre (ITC), along with a group of our expert dog catchers, travelled to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, to help with a mass rabies vaccination drive being organised by one of our associated charities, Humane Animal Society. The drive aims to vaccinate 2000 dogs in Coimbatore over the next 2 weeks and will act as a great practice run for our teams to polish up their skills ready for September.

The drive also provides the opportunity for six trainee dog catchers from People for Animals Orissa, who will be working for Mission Rabies in Bhubaneshwar, to work alongside skilled catchers and learn the methods involved, ready for September. All our dog catchers are trained to use nets, so that the process doesn't cause the dogs any pain or injury and allows the vets to safely and quickly administer the vaccines.

Dr Vinay, Dr Jawahar and Dr Aswin, from the WVS ITC (pictured in the blue scrub tops, below), will each be leading individual Mission Rabies vaccination checkpoints in September and so the work in Coimbatore will help them to spot any potential problems and fine-tune the organisation of the teams before the launch of our 50,000 dog campaign! The vaccination campaign has got off to a very promising start - Dr Vinay told me that today they managed to catch and vaccinate 372 dogs with just two teams - during Mission Rabies, each checkpoint will send out four teams a day!

Well done to the team so far and hope your success continues over the coming two weeks!