Collaboration with ResQ and WVS for Rabies Education and Dog Population Control Project

Post by
emily king
September 10th 2018

We’ve teamed up with our sister charity WVS and ResQ Charitable Trust in Bavdhan, Pune for a super project training Indian vets in correct Animal Birth Control procedures whilst vaccinating the local animal population against rabies.

An incredible 260 sterilisations were performed (with rabies vaccinations also administered to each patient) during this collaborative project and 12 vets have now been trained, able to use their newly improved surgical skills to provide sustainable veterinary care in the region.

Our teams visited the ResQ centre to support this project, along with our mighty mobile veterinary truck. Students from the local veterinary schools were also invited on board to see the incredible facilities available and showcase how much can be done for animals here with this one-of-a-kind mobile unit. The truck spends its days travelling across India to different cities, providing on-board surgical training and treating dogs and cats in the area. Whilst stationed here in Pune, it was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase this unique tool and work together with other likeminded organisations to help the next generation of Indian vets.

We also hosted a workshop about rabies elimination, what the disease is and how it can be prevented. India is one of the world’s worst hotspots for the disease and therefore it is even more vital that communities here know how to deal with the disease. Rabies elimination in India is progressing, but there’s still lots to be done and it takes team efforts such as this for projects to succeed!

We’ve loved the opportunity to work alongside so many other passionate veterinary professionals and to team up with ResQ for this project. Initiatives like this prove that together, we can be the difference!