Cycling from Cairo to Cape Town in the name of fighting rabies!

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emily king

June 14th 2019

Lucy Preece is one of our awesome volunteers who has also taken on a challenge to fundraise for us! Her challenge is truly on a whole new level! She decided to make the ambitious choice to take part in the Tour d’Afrique, an incredible cycle route from Cairo to Cape Town!! That’s a journey of 6,000 miles!! Here’s how she got on.

In January I started an epic four-month long journey, cycling the length of Africa from Cairo in Egypt in the north, to Cape Town in South Africa in the south. It had always been a dream of mine and I decided it would be fitting to use the challenge to also raise money for Mission Rabies. Five years previously, I had volunteered for Mission Rabies in India and seen first-hand the effects of rabies on the local human and dog populations and the positive impact the work of the charity is having. Mission Rabies have since expanded to work in Africa, which means this impact is spreading even further. Together, Africa and Asia account for 95% of human rabies deaths, something that I believe needs to change!

Cycling was a great way to experience the continent and its many different countries up close. I saw all that the countries had to offer from changing landscapes to incredible cultures! It was a challenging but rewarding journey, approximately 6,000 miles through the deserts of the Sahara and the Kalahari, along the shores of Lake Malawi, over the mountains of Ethiopia and the plains of East Africa. I camped in the bush and slept under the stars, cycled in 44-degree heat in Sudan and in the rain in Zimbabwe. I saw tribesmen tending their camels at waterholes in Northern Kenya, donkeys pulling carts in Egypt and farmers with their goats, sheep and cows throughout the continent. I was lucky enough to see much of the archetypal African wildlife, including several close encounters with elephants - they really are huge when experienced up close on a bicycle! 

When passing through Malawi, I also got to stop off and meet some of the Mission Rabies team. It was a real boost to meet them and hear more about their work in Malawi! I was reminded of the importance of Mission Rabies work whilst also chatting to a local lady in Nanyuki, Kenya. She told me that rabies was a concern in the area, where many people had pet dogs who were let out to roam at night and the potential for disease spread was very real. She was grateful that people are starting to act and realise the real threat rabies still poses! I’m so glad I’ve been able to play a small part in the fight to end this deadly disease!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Lucy for her incredible efforts both as a volunteer and fundraiser – undertaking such an incredible feat for Mission Rabies! If you would like to donate to recognise Lucy’s achievement, you can still support her here!!