Debra's Mighty Marathons are Complete

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emily king

December 7th 2017

A few weeks ago, we featured Debra Bourne's story, a super fundraiser taking on 10 marathons in 10 days for Mission Rabies. We've caught up with her to see how the challenge went!

"The Saxon Shore Seaside Challenge, in which I planned to run 10 marathons in 10 days, was way more than I had run before and I didn't know whether my legs would cope with it. The reality far exceeded my expectations.

The organisers and volunteers were fantastic throughout, always encouraging and cheerful. The support from the other runners was amazing. Out-and-back sections on every course gave plenty of chances to greet runners as they passed in the opposite direction: wave, smile and be invigorated by the smile you got back. So many people were telling each other 'well done' and 'looking good' and 'you're amazing'.

Several of the routes provided stunning views: endless vistas of the sea and seaside cliffs, together with occasional sightings of wading egrets, oystercatchers and other shorebirds, hovering kestrels, amazing cloud patterns and a couple of rainbows.

It felt so joyful to be running on these trails, particularly the downhill bits of course! But it was also so dogged running on tarmac and the  concrete sea wall that seemed to never end. In the uphill sections purposeful walking was the best option, and then in the long rain showers it was time to pull up my hood and just keep running.

Hours were spent pushing against strong winds to finally reach the turnaround point, and looking for a bit of shelter in which to blow my nose (having a cold was not really helpful!). There were highs and lows: day four when I felt like I was flying; days five and six which felt like they would never end; day ten, reaching marathon distance faster than on any of the previous nine days, before setting off on a final five miles to make it a 50K, running for the sake of running and enjoying every footfall.

An amazing 10 days, and memories to treasure."

The entire team at Mission Rabies are in awe of this fantastic achievement and cannot thank Debra enough for her incredible challenge in support of our work! If you've been inspired by Debra's challenge, why not take on your own fundraising venture, or donate to help us here.