Education outreach and dog population surveys at Lake Malawi

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emily king

February 28th 2018

Our Malawi Country Manager, Dr Dagmar Mayer, is currently at Lake Malawi conducting important surveys and education work. Find out what they're up to...


Working alongside five Mission Rabies staff and one Animal Welfare Officer, the team are conducting dog population surveys and running education sessions in the villages surrounding the lake. Thanks to these Mission Rabies outreach sessions, these children are learning about the risks of rabies, dog bite first aid, how to prevent dog bites, and the importance of vaccinations.


In April the Malawi team are planning to visit the areas around Lake Malawi for a few days to vaccinate their dogs. This is why it is useful to run the education lessons prior to their visit, to raise awareness of the programme.


The dog survey is important to plan the logistics of the campaign and to make sure enough vaccines are provided for all the dogs. Surveys also inform the team of how many dogs they will have to vaccinate to reach 70% of the dogs and establish herd immunity in this region.


So far the team have visited Cape Maclear and Masaka, and tomorrow and Friday morning they will be heading to Monkey Bay to continue this vital work in the fight against rabies in Malawi.