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emily king

November 9th 2017

New York, NY – 9 November 2017 - We're celebrating the official launch of Mission Rabies USA at the first New York Vet Show today.

UK-based vet Luke Gamble started Mission Rabies in 2013 after seeing first-hand, the devastating effects of rabies on people and animals. Now, we're committed to the elimination of rabies-related deaths. 

“Rabies is the world’s deadliest zoonotic disease, but it is 100% preventable. Seeing the fear this disease creates in local communities and the needless cruel deaths of thousands of dogs, I knew I had to do something. As veterinary professionals, this is our opportunity to really make a difference. Rabies can be stopped, and we have the know-how to do it,” said Luke Gamble.

Targeting rabies hotspots such as India, Sri Lanka, Malawi and Tanzania, we conduct mass vaccinations of dog populations, offer education to provide children, their teachers and their families with knowledge to prevent dog bites, and vital data collection via the Mission Rabies app.

Powered by volunteer veterinarians, vet nurses and vet students, the first Mission Rabies project in 2013 vaccinated over 50,000 dogs in 12 Indian cities in just 30 days. Since then we've vaccinated over 600,000 dogs worldwide and educated over 1 million children.

“Our strategy of vaccination, education and surveillance has made tremendous progress towards preventing rabies deaths,” said Frederic Lohr, Mission Rabies Global Operations Officer, who is speaking at New York Vet.  

“With the WHO, FAO, OIE having officially set the goal to have zero human rabies deaths by 2030, the demand for the services we provide is on the rise to effectively achieve this goal.

“We are excited to be teaming up with leading US vets such as Dr Mike Greenberg America’s Pet Advocate Dr Ernie Ward, and Dr Jeff Young, aka the Rocky Mountain Vet, to launch Mission Rabies USA, and expand our global movement to eliminate this vicious disease by 2030,” Mr Lohr said.

Come and visit us at the New York Vet Show today and tomorrow!

For further information, contact Imogen Scott on 415 926 2680 or via email: