Flying out with memories

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Gowri Yale

October 17th 2016

Our volunteers flew back home last Friday and I am sure Sajith and I will miss Sara Metecalfe.

Sarah was our team's volunteer and a huge helping hand for 2 weeks. Since I missed her first 2 days on field, I don't know how she coped. When I met her on her 3rd day with the team, she was well settled and made me feel terribly new!

Sarah helped with everything; she packed our vaccine box with cold packs, vaccine, syringes and needles; refilled education material, vaccine cards, vaccine stickers, rabies hotline cards and water bottles for the day. While on the field she would vaccinate the dogs, write out vaccine cards in spite the language barrier and bought treats for the team whenever possible.

I don't know how Sarah felt about the 2 weeks she spent here. From the looks of her ever smiling face and her positive attitude I think she did have a good time.

As for me, I looked forward to chatting with her and of course working with her because it was so much easier with her around.  We spoke about all different things in life and it was really interesting to learn about all the differences between India and the UK.

I should credit Sajith for his talent for keeping us on the job without us knowing it. His vaccination surveys are always more than a 90% I heard. He made us laugh so much that work hours flew by pleasantly. I am in fact new to this job and I am glad that I have learned this job from him.

We have vaccinated over 6,000 dogs over 2 weeks. I hope our volunteers understand the magnitude of their helping hands. I hope they feel as content as I do. They chose to spend their vacation time, their time away from family with us. They chose to save hundreds of human lives in India, walking through sweltering weather and other many many hurdles. They made a decision that not too many make.

They may be flying back with memories but they sure did fly in to make memories for us.