Gearing up for launch...

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Kate Shervell
August 23rd 2013

As the launch of Mission Rabies draws ever closer, here’s a quick update on some of the final preparations that have been taking place!

Logistics: Our team have travelled to all the Indian checkpoints over the last few weeks, working closely with the fantastic partners who will initiate the start of Mission Rabies. Huge thanks to the organisations and charities who are leading the teams in each of the checkpoint areas.

Many animal handling courses are also running in preparation for the project; here's the team who took part in the training in Guwahati last week:

Key events: There will be a launch event in Goa on 31st August, hosted by the IAR, PFA and several other brilliant Goan charities, NGOs and animal welfare bodies. Our closing ceremony, taking place on 28th September in Assam, will coincide with World Rabies Day and mark the launch of Mission Rabies as an entity.

Epidemiological aspects:The Epicollect forms are now finalised and have been given the seal of approval. It’s taken some working out, but we should be able to generate a truly unique set of data from the project so it’s great to have a working system that's ready to go.

Resources: We have taken on a small marketing and PR team, so please do email them for any resources you may require. We will be providing a wealth of information via the new gallery and resources sections of in the near future.

With a project of this scale, involving around 500 people, there will undoubtedly be some interesting things that crop up in September, so watch this space for the news coming directly from India in just over one weeks’ time!