Goa gets in gear

Post by
Frederic Lohr
September 21st 2016

With just one week until World Rabies Day, the Mission Rabies teams in Goa are making final preparations for the launch of the year's biggest vaccination campaign in Goa.
For the month of October six vaccination teams will move through the Bardez region in the north of Goa, village-by-village, delivering lifesaving vaccines to any dog they come across. Not only will the vaccines protect these dogs, but they will protect the community from the deadly rabies virus.

Ensuring that the golden 70% of the dog population are vaccinated is a big undertaking that many thought not to be possible, however Mission Rabies projects are showing that all it takes is determination, drive and the crucial support of groups such as Dogs Trust, MSD Animal Health and the Government of Goa. The Mission Rabies team have vaccinated over 35,000 dogs since the state-wide vaccination campaign began in December 2015 and the October drive is estimated to add another 10,000 vaccinated dogs to this figure.

In the run up to the campaign launch on 3rd October, we are running a drawing competition in three schools in Goa to promote rabies awareness and responsible dog ownership. The early entries are already looking fantastic and the competition is creating a buzz about rabies control amongst the pupils and teachers.
Keep up to date with news and progress of the campaign on the Mission Rabies Live site, which will be online soon!