Goa: Mission Rabies begins mass vaccination drive in three locations across the Indian state.

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emily king

October 23rd 2017

It’s day one in Goa and our volunteers, veterinarians and dog handlers are out in force, tackling the deadly disease. Director of Strategic Research, Andy Gibson explains all...

It's been a hectic week and weekend of preparations, logistics and briefings, but we're all underway today with Bardez and Salcete mass vaccination drives launching simultaneously and the south WVS pop-up clinic starting on Friday. In total we have 12 vaccination teams working in three locations in Goa State!!


Karlette Fernandes, Operation Manager at WVS Hicks ITC, has worked around the clock to prepare for the Bardez vaccination work, as well as her and Mabel helping to get the stock ordered for the Salcete WVS clinic. It was great to meet with the team leaders last night to talk through the plans and vaccination documents. Vaccination started today with four teams and it all looks to have begun well. Thank you also to Nigel Otter who arrived yesterday and is overseeing Mission Rabies India Operations and has been a great help with logistics and staff management.


Julie Corfmat, our Goa Manager, has also been working flat out, coordinated nothing short of a logistical miracle on Saturday to move staff and stock across the State to get things going in Majorda this morning. Her and the Mission Rabies boys also spent Sunday afternoon moving cages and setting things up at the WVS clinic ready for when the volunteers arrive tomorrow and Shashi on Thursday. She is also remotely managing the two teams continuing in Curchorem alongside the mass drive, so a total of eight teams in total.

We're all on the WVS App, which will help coordinate teams and ensure records are created for each dog that's vaccinated allowing us to work out the percentage achieved and where the vaccinations occur.

Thank you to Julie, Karlette, Nigel and our amazing animal handlers Raju, Dawal, Rajesh and the rest of the staff for your enormous investment in energy and skills to get these two vaccination drives underway. We're just at the start, but it's incredible to see the passion and purpose in the two charities combining efforts to overcome an enormous task - there is no other force like it in India!


Let's strive for a rabies-free Goa by 2018!!