How teamwork saved a puppy covered in tar

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Jaigar O'Neill

July 30th 2020

This puppy came close to losing its life when it stumbled across glue-like tar and became stuck.

Our rescue team in Goa, India received the emergency call and attended as quickly as they could.

They found the helpless youngster crying out for help. Only it's head from was free from the sticky substance. The rest of its body was covered, making difficult and painful to move a muscle.

Our team scooped up the puppy and took it to the closest clinic, the Tailwaggers Pet Clinic. The veterinary staff immediately started treating the puppy for shock and dehydration and then, together with the Mission Rabies rescue team, they began the hours-long process of freeing the tiny body.

With oil and dish soap, they gentled massaged and washed the puppy, slowly removing the tar. The puppy remained in the clinic overnight, receiving several baths, intravenous fluids and plenty of food, to get it back on its feet. But when the morning arrived, the puppy was unrecognisable - it was a was bright, playful and had a great appetite!

The team put the call out for someone within the community to either foster or adopt the puppy. Sure enough, within a few hours, a kind gentleman came forward and offered the puppy a loving home. Not only that, but he generously covered the puppy's treatment costs at Tailwaggers Pet Clinic.

What started as a horrific accident had such a heart-warming ending, all thanks to teamwork and the kind support of people like you!

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