Introducing The Final Rabies Generation

Post by

Duncan Hook

September 28th 2020


This World Rabies Day, Monday 28th September 2020, we're proud to be calling time on rabies. For centuries, rabies has terrorised communities and led to the persecution and death of millions of dogs worldwide. 

But no more

Rabies may be deadly, but it is also preventable and it is beatable.

If we act now, our generation can be the one to eliminate rabies for good. So by the time children like the boys above have families of their own, they can have hope for the future.

If we act now, the countless thousands of dogs that die from rabies each year, or are harmed as a result of fear from this terrible disease, can lead safe and happy lives as part of our communities.

If we act now, millions of children around the world can be the Final Rabies Generation.

You can find out more about the Final Rabies Generation, and how you can be a part of it by visiting our new website