Lending a Hand in the Community

Post by

Jaigar O'Neill

August 26th 2020

Our animal handlers, rescue teams, and education officers are always willing to help, anywhere they can.

A Police Call Out

Just recently our team in Goa, India received an unusual call for help from the local police. The officers needed to apprehend a person who was experiencing mental difficulties and posing a danger to themselves and others. But, the property they had to access was guarded by dogs. To keep everyone safe and the dogs out of harm’s way, they requested the help of our specially-trained animal handlers. As our handlers work with unfamiliar stray and owned dogs every day, they’re experts in catching and restraining them in a safe and stress-free way. So, they were more than happy to assist.
Working together, the police officers were able to conduct their work safely and as a result, were extremely grateful to Mission Rabies for their help in the case.

Sharing Knowledge 

The Senior Veterinary Officer at the local government veterinary hospital reached out to Mission Rabies to learn more about our work being undertaken in Goa, India. Our teams were happy to share their insights into how they’re identifying, preventing, and eliminating the spread of rabies across the state.

Our Project Manager Julie Corfmat delivered two presentations to the interns, teaching them about all aspects of the project. It is hoped in the future the interns will be able to visit the teams in the field but, due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, it is not possible at this time.