Luke's April 2019 Update!

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emily king

May 7th 2019

Thank you for another amazing month! Without the support of people like you, our projects simply couldn’t exist. As we vaccinate more dogs, educate more children and build stronger working relationships with governments, we get closer to a day when no one dies from rabies!


We’re firmly over the 3m mark of people rabies educated by the teams to date. Our outstanding education team consistently go the extra mile every single month and we are showing how effective (and essential) this area of our projects is. We’ve seen strong Government buy-in at multiple project sites this month.


The truck moved to a new location in Pernem! Thanks to the education and awareness teams, a lot of owners turned up requesting sterilisation and vaccination for their dogs. With support from the local municipality, we are making a huge difference for dogs living in this rural region.


Some great rescues this month. Praveen’s team completed 2,280 vaccinations and 950 surgeries. Links with the local Government keep strengthening and their increased support is enabling the programme to expand.


The MR Goa teams vaccinated 5,394 dogs!!! The guidance and support of the Goan Government continues to drive this project forward and the support of Rotary International continues to be a backbone of the rescues, rabies response and education work.


We attended a Government-led meeting in Lilongwe discussing the expansion of the rabies elimination programme and the next steps required to achieve this. Thanks to Dr Patrick and Dr Julius for their continued steer and support in striving towards a rabies free Malawi.


We're ready to fire it up for May and make it the best yet!!! 

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!