Luke's August Update!

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emily king

September 4th 2018

I can’t believe we’re now in September!!!!! August was immense as ever – please see the below for last month’s update:


Our total rabies education figures now stand at 2,526,624; that includes children, teachers and community workshops! It’s amazing to have managed this in just over four years and great to see this cornerstone of our approach powering forward and making such an impact. Gareth’s report is below.

Education Report

Afghanistan and Ranchi!

Attached are Praveen’s reports on Ranchi (over 1,000 dogs neutered and vaccinated) and his mission to Kabul this month. Supporting the Mayhew International and in collaboration with HOPE and Animal Trust, Praveen headed over to Afghanistan with two experienced catchers to assist with the rabies vaccination programme in Kabul. He trained teams up with how to use the WVS app and ran a workshop for their catchers. Well done Praveen, fantastic job as ever and what a trip!

Ranchi Report

Kabul Report


Julie’s team have been tirelessly at it as ever and Dr Gowri is doing brilliantly with driving the rabies surveillance and analysis. A very sincere thanks to Rotary International for their constant and very generous support with the Goa project. Professor Burrows, one of our US trustees has championed us on so many fronts in relation to this grant and his support with both Rotary and WSAVA Foundation has been immense and hugely appreciated.

Karlette is in Pune this month with the truck overseeing the extra training courses and workshops that we managed to work into the schedule. 130 vet students visited the truck the other day to be inspired about the ITC work and the rabies elimination strategies.


Dr Barbara Zimmer has just got an editorial published in the Lancet (!) about the MR project to date and how it has transformed the child incidence of rabies deaths (in a positive and amazing way!). Thank you to Barbara, Rachel, Jo, Dagmar, Neil and all the inspirational Malawi team that have enabled this, especially to MSD Animal Health for helping us with so many life-saving vaccines. It’s great to see the project keep winning thanks to so much support and drive.

Please see the below for Paul’s latest knockout update – the Zomba team are smashing the records again:

“Out of the seven EPAs we have only two full ones remaining and a little bit of cleanup work, mostly in Chingale EPA. Looking at the vaccination numbers for this past month, everything is steaming ahead as planned, so far without any major hitch. As always we have four vaccination teams working concurrently out in the district. Here is the breakdown for the month's vaccination numbers:

We have been working in three EPAs this month: Mkango and Chipembere have been in Chingale EPA while Mvuu is finishing Thondwe and Kambuku cleans up Mpokwa. Without context, these numbers would not mean too much. I did some calculations this afternoon and am able to say without a doubt that we are going over expected goals: by this time last year, looking at the same scheduled daily work zones, we did 14,000 vaccinations... This year we have done 16,214! So, during the first eight weeks of our programme this year we have exceeded our vaccination numbers by over 2,000. That's a percentage increase of 15.8%, which is a figure that makes my heart swell up a bit, if you know what I mean. I am very proud of everyone I have working on the ground this year - they are smashing it out there!


Amy’s report on the MR Uganda project is below. Thank you Amy, Jo and all involved in making that project such a success and a good foundation for future years there.

Uganda Report

Other news

Emma’s paper is out!!!! Well done Emma! Prevalence of mutilations and other skin wounds in working donkeys in Tamil Nadu, India:  

Good luck to Dagmar on her climb up Kilimanjaro next month!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s get to it.