Luke's February 2020 Update

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joe bailey

March 5th 2020

Another great month has concluded! February 2020 proved successful on a number of fronts for Mission Rabies. Here’s the main updates:

Mission Rabies Truck

The value of the Mission Rabies truck cannot be understated… The truck has been great for giving animals access to top class veterinary care whilst promoting humane dog population and being used as a central hub for teaching local vets in rural areas of India. February 2020 proved to be a hugely successful month for our truck team, with 333 dogs being sterilised.

Goa, India

The Goan Government is leading the way in rabies control and elimination in India and it is brilliant for us to be part of it with them! February 2020 saw our team administer a fantastic 8,926 vaccinations to dogs at risk of contracting this unforgiving disease…

As ever, our team never stops at just vaccinations, with 38 animals also being rescued across February. One case which was particularly peculiar was a dog that was in serious discomfort thanks to a porcupine quill that had become lodged into its neck. Our rescue team managed to catch the dog, remove the quill and clean the wound in order to stave of the risk of infection. The dog has now been released back into the community where it was found. Great work by our team!

Dog found in Goa with a wound for a Porcupine Quill


Our first project of the year, out in Tanzania, proved to be a huge hit! Along with our friends at Mbwa Wa Africa we are aiming to make the Meru district of the country rabies free. Following our successful pilot project back in 2016, we have run annual vaccination drives since, with the most recent taken place a matter of weeks ago.

Our team, and our band of 16 dedicated volunteers, worked tirelessly across the 10 day campaign and managed to administer an epic 7,387 vaccinations. The team worked through challenging conditions including unseasonal heavy rain, but managed to get the job done. Huge thanks to them.


We have managed to follow up on our successful project in the Thyolo district of Malawi by recently meeting with officials in order to discuss practical solutions for Malawian citizens to report dog bite cases on a large scale. Aside from this, our education teams are working hard to deliver potentially life-saving lessons to as many schools and children as possible. We can’t wait to see what we can do in Malawi this year!


Our biggest ever project is coming up out in Cambodia as we aim to vaccinate 100,000 dogs in 10 days in the capital city Phnom Penh and surrounding province. We need you to join our army of volunteers and help us to protect this incredible part of the world from rabies. Find out more information by clicking here.

As always, a huge thanks must go to our supporters, followers, donors and partners! Without them, we would not be where we are today, fighting the world'ds deadliest disease... 

Time to power through March!

See you next month,