Luke's February Update!

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emily king

March 5th 2018

We have snow at Mission Rabies HQ! Admittedly about 1cm but snow nevertheless! It counts! So whilst Fred constructs a Mission Rabies snowman out the back of the office, please scan the below for an uplifting kick off to March!!!!



As a cumulative total of children, teachers and community members rabies educated – we have now passed the 2m mark!!!! The big target is 2m children though so we will save the celebration for that milestone. It’s a great start, the carnival in Goa was a brilliant effort and please read Gareth’s report. Gareth has asked me to pass on his sincere thanks to Debbie and Dr Murugan for their outstanding work and contributions this last month.

Education Report



We are now running a rabies surveillance programme in Ranchi and vaccinating dogs only caught for sterilisation. An outstanding report and Praveen is now wearing multiple hats for the team, having accepted the position of WVS India / Mission Rabies Operations and Logistics Manager.  Thanks to Praveen for all his energy, focus and determination in making our projects succeed.

Ranchi Report



Julie has submitted a typically excellent report which outlines 6,709 dogs having been vaccinated in Goa in February as well as the oral bait distribution study. 4 rabid dogs were picked up over the last few weeks. The rescue case with the abdominal snare is quite something.

A sincere thanks to Andy who has just returned from the field in Goa and has tirelessly worked on developing the project.

Goa Report



Please find attached Dagmar’s report regarding the ongoing work of MR and WVS, including some rabies surveillance and outreach work at Lake Malawi. As ever a huge thanks to Dr Patrick and the DAHLD for their guidance and steer in driving things forward in Malawi.

Malawi Report 

Other news

Outside of the core projects, it’s been a period of presentations, trustee meetings (both charities) and building up for the forthcoming projects due to launch in the next couple of months. We had a great meeting with IDT about oral bait vaccines which was very interesting.

Amy has been jetting off to WVS Thailand to help the team there with the data collection app and also taken part in a surgical course! 

Thanks again to everyone for your hard work and let’s keep up with the fantastic start we have had to 2018!