Luke's January 2019 Update!

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emily king
February 1st 2019

Dear Team,

What an amazing start to the year!!!! LET’S KEEP POWERING IT ON!!!!!!!!! 


The target is to reach 1 million people in 2019 alone! This will add to our awesome figures from 2018! Gareth, Debs, Dr Murugan and the education team are working hard to make this happen.

Ghana and Tanzania are both areas of focus and expansion so watch this space. Gareth’s update is below.

Education January Report 


This year we are going to showcase even more work of the truck. It’s an outstanding and invaluable piece of equipment and the capacity for outreach is just brilliant. 

Praveen has written the report below and included some fantastic pictures.

Truck January Report



Julie and her teams have got off to the most amazing start with 10,250 dogs vaccinated this last month. Amazing to see another month with no positive rabies cases and also how the IBCM implementation is developing.

A sincere thanks to all the sponsors of this project; the Rotary vehicles really came into their own this month and the leadership of the Goan Government as we keep building the infrastructure of the project has helped us in so many ways. Thanks to the commitment of Dogs Trust Worldwide, this has all been made possible!

MR Goa January Report



Please see Karlette's brilliant report showcasing the achievements of the Hicks ITC this month. Thanks to all involved and the case studies just show what the charity is all about and the worth of why we all do this. 

Hicks Goa January Report



Dagmar and Jo are full steam ahead with work at the BSPCA this month alongside the planning for the Mission Rabies work this year. Attached is Dagmar’s report about some the cases she has seen this month including a beautiful Eagle Owl that was rescued. Sadly another owl didn’t make it but we took that out of the report because it’s quite sad. In African culture, owls are often regarded as bad omens so generally have a bad time if found by communities. 

Malawi January Report



Amy led this project last month and has provided the update below:

"In July last year, we trialled a new method of vaccination using roaming static points and found a 2.8x increase in number of vaccinations delivered per person per day. In January’s campaign we aimed to expand this method to a larger scale, increasing the efficiency of our project and ensuring that we could bring canine vaccinations to a larger community.

We had 22 volunteers working on the project (16 from Mission Rabies and 6 from WVS) alongside 15 local Mission Rabies volunteers (10 in the vaccination teams and 5 post-vaccination surveyors) and 10 drivers as well as 5 local WVS surgery staff.

We have also enhanced our sensitisation methods with a team of 4 education officers delivering our life-saving lessons to schools in the local areas, thanks to the training provided by Gareth and his education team.

Last year in Songoro, Maji YA Chai and USA river, we vaccinated 4,789 dogs over 10 days of static point and door to door vaccination. I’m thrilled to report that this year we smashed our 6,000 dog target by vaccinating 7,082 dogs and 403 cats; this is using the same number of teams in just 10 days.

These vaccinations were delivered in the 3 wards from last year, but with the increased efficiency of the new vaccination method we managed to vaccinate in 4 new wards - further protecting the communities of Meru district!”

The full report and analysis is currently in progress – a huge thanks to Amy and Paul for leading this team and making the project such a success. Also a huge thanks to Jens and Mbwa Wa Africa for all his incredible hard work in this campaign and their work throughout the year.


Other news

Andy and Fred are currently in the US with Ryan and his team at the CDC. Ryan is just back from leading a team to Haiti and the DR as part of the rabies taskforce to address a recent outbreak. Fred also participated with Alasdair and Jesse in the MSD/CDC/MR team at the Cornell hackathon, brainstorming new ideas for rolling out rabies vaccines around the world.

A sincere thanks to Dr Louise Clark for running yet another specialist anaesthetic course at Ooty this month – it is super generous of her time and very much appreciated. Also an advance thanks to Dr Andy Moores from Anderson Moores Specialists who is running a specialist orthopaedic course for us in Goa this month and has also been doing some epic fundraising!

Sincere thanks to Richard at Edinburgh for all his guidance with the publications, strategy and help across the board with all the projects.

Congratulations as well to Jo who has been appointed Mission Rabies Africa Projects Director, Fred is now Director of Strategic Partnerships for both MR and WVS, and Dagmar who is now WVS Africa Projects Director. Very deserved on all counts as they are cornerstones of the charities and what we’re all striving to achieve.

February is looking fantastic! Gearing up for Ghana! Let's go!!

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!