Luke's July 2019 Update!

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emily king
August 6th 2019

Last month we were excited to see the New York Times publish some great articles on rabies control, following their visit out to our Goa project earlier in the year! It’s an amazing boost to morale and a testimony to the awesome work of the MR team who are driving the Goa project forward!!


We’ve now got rabies including in the Indian national curriculum as well as the Malawi primary school curriculum!!! How amazing!!!


The annual APCRI conference was hosted in Ranchi last month and we were excited to showcase the work of Mission Rabies. It was a fantastic forum for the team and our work in Ranchi stood out - the city has now been rabies free for 18 months!! The team also managed to vaccinate 1,804 animals whilst all this was going on!


Another 5,480 dogs vaccinated by Team Goa!!! It’s been a great month and each dog vaccinated brings us closer to making Goa India’s first rabies free state! 


This year’s rabies drive is in full flow with the Blantyre city campaign already breaking records – 6,968 dogs vaccinated in just the first weekend!!

Other news

The Partners for Rabies Prevention meeting was held in London this year and I attended to showcase the app! Feedback was hugely positive and it was uplifting to see the contribution Mission Rabies is making to the global rabies scene. We’re definitely on the right track – but always more to do and crack on with!