Luke's March Update

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emily king

April 4th 2018

 Happy Easter!!!!! March has whipped by!!!! Please find the below update on this month’s awesome work and thank you for all your support over the last few weeks.


Great month on the education front. Please read Gareth’s report below. We are on target to reach 1m children in Malawi alone by the end of May, we’re also up on the 2018 first three month totals by over 100,000 people rabies educated compared with the first three month figures of 2017. Absolutely brilliant!

Education March Report



Karlette has been flat out this month pulling together a mega proposal for the Goan Health Minister. I’d like to thank the Goan Government for all their continued support for the projects and if this proposal gets the green light (fingers crossed) it will be a landmark project for dog welfare in India. To be in this position is immense and all down to an incredible WVS India and Mission Rabies Goa team who have achieved so much and continue to drive things on. The Goa MR team are also two months ahead of schedule so the energy is the crew there is inspiring.

Below is Julie’s report – over 9000 dogs vaccinated this month!!!! This brings the total dogs vaccinated in Goa between Jan-March exceeding 26,000. Three rabid dogs were picked – very interesting to read how one family from the Ukraine on holiday picked up a sick puppy, travelled over 136km with it trying to look after it, brought it from Karnataka to Goa (!) for us to then find it had rabies. Huge credit to Goa GPRS for contacting the MR team and thank goodness we were able to advise the family to get post exposure prophylaxis or it is very possible some of them would have died of rabies (it bit their two year old son).

Goa March Report



I love Dagmar’s reports – the rescue cases are inspiring and the post vaccination surveys for the three districts are in – incredibly impressive!


The work that goes into this is immense and all thanks to a highly motivated and absolutely committed team. A particular thanks to Stella from the Edinburgh team who has spent days/weeks (?!) mapping out the static points for this years Blantyre campaign with the new programme of work as we enter phase two of the project there. It promises to be very exciting and a great development for rabies elimination strategies in similar areas.

 Malawi March Report


Other news

A sincere thanks to Ryan Wallace at the CDC for hosting an amazing workshop and invited Andy and Dr Gowri to attend and participate. They have both returned buzzing from the meetings and it’s a huge lift to the whole team to have the opportunity to learn from and engage with the CDC experts. The app is developing at an incredible rate and with new features, functionalities and increasing versatility, it has the potential to become a mainstay of global disease control strategies.

Also a congratulations to Professor Sarah Cleaveland who has been awarded the Royal Society Leeuwenhoek Lecture and Medal 2018. Sarah is an inspiration to the rabies control field and her lecture will be live streamed if you can catch it:

Our Annual Report will be ready to circulate in the next few weeks and aside from an increasing amount of trips over the next few weeks, we now have the big build up for the May campaign in Malawi!!!!

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!