Luke's November 2019 Update

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joe bailey

December 2nd 2019

As we fly straight towards the end of 2019, November has been another great month with some fantastic work and exceptional results!



November saw us educate nearly 200,000 children in a single month. Team this with a special puppy vaccination drive education programme in Malawi and the final phase of our rabies teacher training in the same country and our education teams have had a hugely successful month.

 Education Nov 2019


We are now into the last leg of our vaccination work for 2019 in Ranchi, with November seeing our teams vaccinate 1584 dogs, taking the total to over 21,000 for the year. This month also saw 750 dogs neutered and no rabies cases reported - by the end of the year our teams will have covered the whole of Ranchi!

 Ranchi Nov 2019

Mission Rabies Truck

The truck have worked phenomenally in powering forward with the truck outreach projects to the more remote areas as well as training as many local vets as possible this month. The total amount of surgeries performed on dogs in November was 355! We also had Dr Valentin Janvier, from Cornell University in the US, performing 2 truck specialist courses on diagnostic imaging to 42 vets in partnership with our Hicks ITC.

Truck Nov 2019 


Another huge month for our Mission Rabies team in Goa with over 9,000 vaccinations as we surge towards 2020! As well as this we have had 38 rescue cases and hosted our own rabies awareness rally (as you may have seen on the Mission Rabies Facebook page). The rally was attended by 500 students in order to raise awareness of the importance of rabies prevention and vaccination. The rally did just that as well as capturing the drive and enthusiasm that Mission Rabies was built on!



With our Thyolo appeal concluding, we were all delighted to see that we had vaccinated over 14,000 dogs. A massive thanks must go to all of our brilliant volunteers who have supported us in delivering vaccinations in Thyolo throughout November!

Malawi Nov 2019

One more month of 2019!