Luke's September Update!

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Luke Gamble
October 1st 2018

Dear Team,

Another great month! Fantastic work by all the teams on World Rabies Day this year – some amazing workshops and vaccination drives! 

We’ll also soon be celebrating our 1 millionth dog vaccinated for Mission Rabies in the coming months. Thank you to MSD Animal Health, Dogs Trust, the Marchig Trust, Rotary, WSAVA and all our other incredible and brilliant sponsors who have enabled us to reach this staggering total in just 4 years. 

Here is a link to the Mission Rabies timeline of events to date:


Gareth’s report is below. Fantastic news and work by the education team. We’re on track to cover 80% of all the schools in Goa state by the end of the year. Brilliant!!

Education Report


Below is Praveen’s report on Ranchi – no positive rabies cases so far this year which is outstanding news.

Ranchi Report


We have launched this year’s focused mass vaccination drive in Goa today! It’s all hands on deck and the teams are flat out with the support of some international volunteers.

September stats were 7,067 dogs vaccinated, two positive rabies cases – 1 owned dog in Canacona and 1 cow from Bardez.

The Hicks neutered and vaccinated 1,013 dogs in September and the truck of power, stationed in the Dona Paula Community TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-release) 402 dogs in 3 weeks! 


A huge thanks to Ellie for her help during this last month at the BSPCA. The teams vaccinated about 8,000 dogs in Blantyre District and Chiradzulu and also picked up a rabid puppy which shows surveillance is increasing within the city. Please find below this month’s uplifting report.

Malawi Report

Regarding Zomba, Paul sent me the below. Zomba has now been completed with a knockout 5,706 vaccinations administered in September alone.

“This has been a pretty amazing and momentous month here in our little corner of Malawi. The teams have been working hard out in the field to cover the last few remaining corners of Zomba District and doing an amazing job at it all. This past Friday, the 21st, was the last day of vaccinations for this year - which we capped off with a trip for all of the teams up to Zomba Plateau. There are not many dogs up there but we were able to have an enjoyable half-day of teaching at the Chawe Primary School and vaccinating everything that we could find. Even though a good number of our employees come from Zomba or have family here, hardly any of them have been to the top of the plateau. It was a really great way to wrap up the season on a high note. 

To put the total numbers into context:  Last year we vaccinated 7,871 animals during the city campaign and 23,351 out in the district - for a grand total of 31,222 animals across Zomba. This year we have completely blown that number out of the water with 8,967 vaccinations during the city and 23,534 in the rural areas - giving us 32,501 animals vaccinated this year - which is about a 4.1% increase across the board from last year. I am extremely proud of my teams and cannot wait for the survey data to come in. I feel pretty confident that it will be positive since we averaged over 78% vaccinated across the rural areas that we will be in even better standing now with an increase in vaccination numbers; therefore, pending the survey results, I am pleased to (very unofficially) announce the third successful year of vaccinations completed for Zomba City and District!”

Other news

Dagmar made it up Kilimanjaro and is now back at Blantyre HQ!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!

Nicky is currently out in Goa setting up our school twinning programme which should be brilliant and an update on that will follow as the project develops.

Ilona attended the WSAVA conference in Singapore and had a great time – she completed the World Rabies Day fun run with the WSAVA team!

We say a sad goodbye to Clara who has finished her externship with Mission Rabies this month. She has been a total force and an immense asset to the team – keep in touch Clara and good luck on your final year of studies!

October is a big month for Goa – let’s make it count!