Malawi: 2021 Vaccinations Begin in Blantyre City

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Jaigar O'Neill

July 3rd 2021

It’s that time again. Starting today, we’re vaccinating dogs across Malawi’s Blantyre city.

Every year since 2015, we’ve vaccinated tens of thousands of dogs in southern Malawi against rabies. Coupled with teaching children how to avoid dog bites and running 24-hour surveillance to respond to suspected rabies cases, it’s how we’re fighting rabies in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Right now, your support has never been more needed. If you can, please donate today to aid our life-saving work.

Beginning this weekend, and continuing throughout every weekend in July, we’re hosting free pop-up vaccinations clinics in central outdoor locations. Owners will queue, socially distanced as much as possible, for their pets to receive the life-saving vaccine, and help us reach 70% of the local dog population. We must reach at least 32,000 dogs to maintain herd immunity and save lives.

But, we won’t stop there. In the months following, we’ll expand our work from the city of Blantyre to the surrounding districts, vaccinating more dogs in harder-to-reach-places. It’s how we will ensure that children, those most at risk of being bitten by dogs and infected with rabies, as well as their families and communities, are safe from the deadly disease.

Last year, despite all the challenges thrown our way, we delivered our most vaccinations to date. 102,375. That’s over 16,000 more dogs than in 2019.

Please, donate however much you can today, and help us achieve another record-breaking year and get one step closer to eliminating rabies.

£10 could vaccinate four dogs - protecting them and their local community from the world’s deadliest disease.

£5 per month can allow us to teach a primary class how to avoid dogs bites, as well as critical first aid.

Why do we vaccinate dogs? 99% of human rabies cases are caused by an infected dog bite. On top of that, the human rabies vaccine is expensive, often inaccessible, and only addresses the human suffering from this disease, ignoring the thousands of dogs who suffer every year.

We’re on a mission to save the lives of people and dogs.

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