Malawi: Almost 15,000 vaccinations and counting...

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jaigar O'Neill

July 16th 2021

We've hit the halfway mark in Malawi!

We have vaccinated almost 15,000 dogs across the city of Blantyre, but we're only halfway. We must vaccinate at least 32,000 dogs, before expanding our work into the districts in Southern Malawi to reach over 100,000 vaccinations.

But, we need your help to do that. If you haven't already, please consider donating today. However much you feel able to give, your support will help protect children, families, pets, and strays, from this deadly disease.

Fighting Disease Amidst a Pandemic 

The ongoing global pandemic has forced us to constantly adapt to the new reality on the ground, but it hasn't put the fight against rabies on hold. Instead, it's made the need for disease control essential. Guided by the World Health Organization and our local government partners, and supported by you, we're driving forward and saving lives.

Today, this is what vaccinating thousands of dogs in one weekend looks like (pictured below). Pet owners standing outdoors in socially distanced lines as much as possible, staff wearing facemasks, and hand disinfectant available everywhere.

Your support today can help us continue this life-saving work, now and into the future. 

A donation of £25 can contribute towards our 24/7 rabies surveillance teams, so they're always ready to respond.

A gift of £10 per month could vaccinate four dogs every month - protecting them and their local community from the world's deadliest disease.

We started working in Malawi six years ago after the Queen Elizabeth Hospital recorded the highest incidences of child rabies deaths in the whole of Africa. We knew that together, we could change this.

Since then, we've administered more than 530,000 vaccines to dogs, delivered rabies prevention lessons to over 2.3 million school children, set up critical rabies surveillance, and significantly reduced human rabies deaths. In a country like Malawi, one of the poorest in the world and heavily burdened with disease, we're creating a brighter future.

Did you know?

Vaccinating a person against rabies can cost up to 50 times more than vaccinating a dog.

In Malawi, post-exposure treatment for rabies after a dog bite involves five vaccinations over 28 days. For many people living in rural and poor communities, the treatment is too expensive, and travelling to the closest hospital or health centre can be impossible. Even when the treatment is available for free at some government-run hospitals, stocks are often low and queues can be long.

But, we have the answer to a rabies-free future.

By immunizing the dogs against the disease, we can in turn stop humans from getting it, and protect the lives of both dogs and people.

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