Mission: Possible

Post by
Kate Shervell
September 26th 2013

Yesterday we received the news we’d all been waiting to hear since Mission Rabies was merely an ambitious acorn of an idea and the truck nothing more than an axle. Not only have we reached our target of 50,000 dog vaccinations in 30 days, we have thoroughly smashed it: 51,500 doses of canine rabies vaccine administered across 12 Indian cities, with a 70% coverage in targeted areas, in just 25 days! No other group has ever achieved this, anywhere in the world. In doing so we have shown that it is possible to run effective mass vaccination campaigns and offer a solution to rabies.

It goes without saying that this could not have been done without the incredible support of an amazing team of vets, nurses, students, paravets and non-vet volunteers. Behind every single vaccine there is the effort of an immensely dedicated and hard-working group of people. Enormous thanks to each of you, you are Mission Rabies!

Thrilled as we are with this success, the 30 days are not up yet so we are still going; every vaccine counts when it comes to saving a child from dying of rabies every hour. Keep an eye on the website missionrabies.com for the latest figures.

This Saturday, 28th September, is World Rabies Day. To mark this we are holding an event in Assam, which coincides with the end of this initial vaccination drive and the launch of Mission Rabies as an entity. The truck is currently making its way from Coimbatore to be in attendance so we’re looking forward to being reunited with it, having last seen it leaving the UK back in June. It will then be sent on its way again to continue its work. Hopefully it won't encounter too many more situations like this to hinder its progress before Saturday!

We couldn’t have hoped for a better start to the campaign, but our pledge is to ensure sustainability so our work is only just beginning. Stay tuned to see out how we are going to save many more human lives, hundreds of thousands of dogs and increase the moral perception of welfare towards animals that roam the streets.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us!