Mission Rabies and WVS Thailand Team up for Pai Outreach Clinic

Post by
emily king
July 6th 2018

Last month Mission Rabies were supported by our sister charity WVS during our pilot vaccination campaign to combat rabies in the greater Chiang Mai region.


WVS Thailand have a great working relationship with the Pai community, in particular with Pai Four-Legged Friends, so we dedicated the final week of the campaign to Pai with its sizable cat and dog population.

Whilst our team roamed the streets in search of pets and strays to vaccinate, WVS were able to continue their ongoing sterilisation drive with another free spay and neuter clinic near the centre of town. The vets got to work treating the animals of this community!

With the outstanding support of local volunteers and residents, we exceeded our goal and were able to vaccinate over 1,000 animals and sterilise 227 animals in the course of our five-day stay.

It was a fantastic experience for our teams and we were absolutely thrilled with the support and generous hospitality we received from Pai Four-Legged Friends and its members. It has been another wonderful opportunity for WVS and Mission Rabies to work together to improve animal welfare and power forward in the fight against rabies. 

Thanks to growing projects like this, Pai is well on its way to becoming a showcase for effective stray animal population control and for protecting animals and residents from the risks of rabies.

We look forward to lots more projects together in the future!!