Mission Rabies in Hong Kong for One Health Conference

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emily king

September 8th 2017

We've been representing our work on a global platform once again thanks to help from our friends at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh.

Professor Richard Mellanby is in Hong Kong this week highlighting to international colleagues the remarkable progress that the Mission Rabies charity is making in rolling out high volume, high coverage vaccination programmes alongside education outreach and disease surveillance activities in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.

He was speaking at the International Conference on One Health: Connect and Proact at which many internationally renowned experts in zoonotic diseases gave presentations on their work.

There was great interest in the activities of Mission Rabies and many of the delegates were clearly very impressed at the scale and precision of the charity’s work.

We're going to keep driving this forward with the goal of eliminating this deadly disease and it's incredible to have the rabies community behind us.