Mission Rabies joins forces with Monsoon S.O.S to vaccinate Goa State

Post by
Amy Lewis
January 3rd 2018

Our work at Mission Rabies cannot be conducted without our amazing in-country support. This can be in the form of locally employed staff and management, government organisations as well as local charities. One great example of charities working together is our recent collaboration with Monsoon S.O.S.

At the end of 2017, to help us achieve the completion of Goa state in just 1 year, we joined forces with the charity Monsoon S.O.S.

Beach dogs are some of the most intelligent of the dogs that we vaccinate in Goa. Getting food and shelter by befriending restaurants and tourists, however, in the monsoon season, when all the beach huts disappear and the tourists go home, these dogs need a helping hand. This is where Monsoon S.O.S steps in and helps provide food to get these dogs through the harsh conditions of the monsoon.

To keep the population of beach dogs at a manageable level, Monsoon S.O.S also surgically sterilises the dogs in their care and provides in food treatments for dogs which need it.

With the beaches being vast, the dogs often being very speedy and mistrustful of our catchers in yellow t-shirts, we sometimes struggle to achieve the 70% vaccination covered required within the beach dog population.

This is where Monsoon S.O.S was called to drive the vaccination of Goa State to completion. Having already developed relationships with these beach dogs, the awesome volunteers at Monsoon S.O.S spent a few days out with our team. No nets required, we managed to vaccinate over 90% of the beach dogs by hand!

Thanks so much to this awesome charity, we are all working towards a common goal and we couldn’t have done it without you!