Mission Rabies Present at the Scottish BSAVA Conference

Post by
emily king
September 5th 2017

Professor Richard Mellanby, Head of Companion Animal Sciences at the University of Edinburgh Vet School, represented the Mission Rabies team this weekend at the Scottish BSAVA conference.

He gave the keynote address which summarised the ongoing programme of work by Mission Rabies and our aim to eliminate canine rabies globally. He also reviewed the recent collaborative work between us and the University of Edinburgh, which has robustly demonstrated that the mass vaccination programmes are remarkably effective and cost efficient.

He also presented emerging research from the team of postdoctoral scientists which are addressing key issues such as why more people do not attend static points in Africa, how we can rapidly assess dog population size, and how effective neutering campaigns are in regulating population size.

This exciting academic-NGO collaboration is generating important research findings which are already starting to influence animal welfare policies throughout the world. Many people in the audience mentioned that they were already supporting Mission Rabies and our sister charity WVS, and we hope the talk inspired others to support the pioneering work of both charities.