My Colourful Mission Rabies Experience: Dr Shruti’s Story

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emily king

September 24th 2019

Dr Shruti is one of the vets that helps make our Goa project possible, vaccinating dogs across the state to save lives from this vicious disease. This is her story…

Combatting one of the world’s deadliest diseases can be really challenging. Here at Mission Rabies, we head out day after day whatever the weather to vaccinate dogs and stop the spread of this unforgiving infection. 

From the crack of dawn to the setting sun, almost every day of the year, our expert dog catchers, team leaders, vets, project managers and researchers are striving to eliminate human rabies deaths here in Goa. It’s certainly a challenge but it’s an important part of the global goal to eliminate human rabies deaths completely by 2030.

This challenging mission can be daunting sometimes, especially when we hear of yet another child succumbing to rabies somewhere in the world, and I hate to see the animals suffering too knowing a simple vaccination can stop it. But this drives us even more in our work!

In times like these, finding colour in this great project has helped – it’s helped me believe that one day we will be free of rabies here in Goa and across the world. The results from not just the Goa project but Mission Rabies projects all over the world has added optimism to my life and I know we are making a real difference. As a vet, I feel immensely proud to be a small part of this tremendous feat.

Mission Rabies has given a new lease of life to so many children and countless animals that will not suffer from this deadly disease as a result of our continued efforts. We are making the difference and will continue to do so until no one dies from rabies!