Newborn Puppies Saved From Storm Drain by Mission Rabies Team

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emily king

October 31st 2017

Team Leopard were carrying out their day-to-day mission vaccinating the dogs of Goa, when an unexpected case came along…

After hearing some quiet cries coming from a storm drain by the side of the road, mighty dog catcher Pintu decided to go the extra mile to help these animals in need.

He climbed into the side of the storm drain to retrieve 11 tiny puppies, bringing them to safety for the team to vaccinate.

Pintu and the team went above and beyond to help these puppies, to not only reach them but to now protect them against rabies.

Expecting mothers often venture into these storm drains to give birth to their puppies, as it is a sheltered and relatively safe area, away from humans and other dogs, and most importantly, the battling weather conditions.

Although the mother of these puppies was not around when the team found them, they were returned after receiving their vital vaccinations in order for her to return later with much needed food for the 11 hungry pups!

All in a day’s work for Team Leopard, showing true dedication to vaccinating as many dogs in Goa as possible, no matter their size or location!