One Million Dogs Vaccinated!!

Post by
emily king
March 12th 2019

By the time you've finished reading this blog, at least one child will have died from rabies. The majority of these deaths are caused by an infected dog bite. That's why we're committed to vaccinating dogs to stop the spread of disease and eliminate the virus at its source!!

We're incredibly excited to be able to share our biggest milestone to date... we have now vaccinated ONE MILLION DOGS against rabies!!

In 2013, we began our first project, vaccinating 60,000 dogs in just 30 days. This showed that mass dog vaccination is not only possible, but effective. Since then, we've expanded to work in nine project sites across seven countries, vaccinating dogs, educating communities and most importantly, saving lives!

Our Founder and CEO, Luke Gamble, was inspired to set up these projects after returning from work in Africa and India: "I’m a Dad with four young kids. When I was in these parts of the world and seeing so many rabies cases, witnessing the devasting effect it has on children around the world, I just couldn’t walk away. Knowing it can be eliminated by vaccinating dogs, and that as a vet I could really do something about it, one thing led to another. Six years on, the charity has vaccinated over a million dogs, rabies educated over three million people and prevented the deaths of millions of children in some of poorest places in the world. What makes the charity win is the team behind it – from the sponsors and supporters to the staff and volunteers. They are knockout and with every project we do, I feel hugely proud to be a part of such a brilliant organisation."

The global goal is to eliminate human deaths from canine-mediated rabies from the world by 2030 and by tackling the disease hotspots we're well on the way to achieiving that goal! Our teams in Goa and Malawi are working year-round to reach as many dogs as possible, achieving a 70%+ vaccination coverage to establish herd immunity. 

Alongside these big projects, our proof of concept vaccination drives in other at-risk parts of the world are vaccinating dogs in a smaller defined region to protect the most vulnerable communities. 

Each and every dog vaccinated is recorded in our bespoke mobile App, created together with our sister charity Worldwide Veterinary Service. This records data on the sex of the dog, whether it is owned or stray, if it has been sterilised, and tags the GPS location of the animal so our teams can identify where every rabies vaccine has been given.

Alongside the vaccination campaigns we also conduct education programmes to ensure as many people as possible are aware of the disease and how to prevent dog bites. This is essential to ensuring people know how to avoid bites and what actions to take if bitten.

Rabies CAN be eliminated!! If you want to support the work of Mission Rabies, you can donate online or volunteer on one of our projects!

To date, we've now vaccinated 1,022,729 dogs against rabies and this number increases every day. With your help, we can reach another million, and another, and another, until the day when NO ONE DIES FROM RABIES!