Our Mission to Educate and Vaccinate in Malawi

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emily king

July 25th 2017

WVS International Veterinary Manager, Dr Dagmar Mayer is in Malawi supporting Mission Rabies, as well as providing free veterinary care in Blantyre. Recently she has been keeping up to date with the education programme and recent vaccination drive!

It’s been a busy four weeks for our vaccination and education teams across Blantyre and Chiradzulu in Malawi. Over 6,300 dogs have been vaccinated and over 56,000 children educated about rabies in just the first four weeks!! 

Our teams are going out in the early morning each day, and returning late to ensure they’re reaching every area in Blantyre and Chiradzulu district in Malawi. They’re been telling people about the risks of rabies and vaccinating their dogs in the fight to eliminate this deadly disease!

One education team has been covering private schools as well as orphanages to spread the word and educate children on dog behavior and what to do if bitten. There are almost two million orphans in Malawi in and around Blantyre City and it is vital these vulnerable children are educated about rabies.

Often this work takes the teams to the most remote areas and they have to walk for hours to reach every house. Some of the schools are not very accessible and can only be reached on foot. But it doesn't stop our teams from going there!

Vaccinating dogs is only one part of the solution to eliminating rabies. Our education teams play a vital role in making sure the communities understand rabies, live alongside their dogs, and how to proceed if bitten by a dog.

By educating children and adults in these communities we are empowering them to take back control of this disease, and eliminate it by working together.

This work will continue for the rest of the year, until every school has been reached and every house in these districts has been visited!

Amazing work Team Malawi!