our Volunteer Vets Making a Real difference to the dogs and communities of Goa

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emily king

November 2nd 2017

Kate Tunley, a vet from Egham, UK is just one of our incredible volunteers currently working to help vaccinate the dogs of Goa in our mega vaccination drive! We caught up with her to find out how she's getting on!

Why did you choose Mission Rabies?

I've volunteered on other rabies projects elsewhere in places such as Nepal and the Caribbean doing static point work, and saw how good an idea it was! When I found out about Mission Rabies, it looked like the perfect next step and a great way to use my veterinary skills abroad. It's definitely the best project I've been on so far and really feels like I'm doing something worthwhile and making a real difference here!

What's been your highlight so far?

I met a 10 year old girl today who was really keen to help us. She brought her own dog to us to be vaccinated and then took us to meet her neighbours who also had a dog and puppies and explained to them the importance of getting their dogs vaccinated. She then took us to some stray puppies who were living in a box and just kept finding dogs for us to vaccinate. It was lovely to see people really wanting to help and protect their dogs and families against this terrible disease.

Another really rewarding part is towards the end of the day when we're driving back through the streets looking out for dogs and you spot some and they all have a paint marking on their head. This shows they've been vaccinated so you can really see the difference we've made and I think to myself, I helped make that happen.

What's surprised you most about Goa?

I've been so in awe of the skills of the dog handlers. A dog jumps out from nowhere and runs off and the next minute, the boys just lunge and twist and somehow manage to catch them!! It's amazing how good they are and how they can predict the dog's movement. Some even catch more than one dog at once!

If you want to find out more about Kate's mission or to donate to support the team's work in Goa, visit her Justgiving page.