Packing, packing, packing...

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Kate Shervell
June 14th 2013

There’s been a lot of packing going on recently. Last week I packed my bags and headed to India to meet with our South and North India Veterinary Directors, Dr Ilona and Dr Sashanka, as well as our Logistics Co-ordinator, Antony, and other members of the Mission Rabies India team. It was a hugely inspiring visit and made me even more certain that as a united force we can really take on rabies in India and save lives. Meanwhile, our CEO, Luke, and WVS Managing Director, James, were packing for two weeks on the road, visiting Dogs Trust rehoming centres, vet schools, veterinary specialist referral centres and even a local Dorset primary school to test drive the truck on UK roads before it hits India and to show off the superb onboard facilities to as many of our generous donors and sponsors as possible.

The UK truck tour was a huge success and generated a massive amount of interest and support. You can see a snippet of the tour, featured on BBC Dorset, by visiting

With the excitement of the truck tour over, it was time for the WVS UK team to get together today for the final packing of the truck – taking apart, checking and carefully storing the life-saving veterinary equipment, ready for the truck to depart by ship for a month-long sail to India beginning next week. It will next touch dry land in Mumbai, ready for the Mission to begin!