Supporting Rabies Elimination in Kabul

Post by
emily king
August 24th 2017

Mission Rabies have been in Afghanistan’s capital to support the work of Mayhew International in their rabies vaccination and animal birth control programme.

There is a high incidence of rabies in Kabul, and through the implementation of sustainable aid intervention, local communities are being supported to help fight this deadly disease.

Our very own Ranchi Project Manager, Praveen Ohal, joined their mission along with two dog catchers, delivering 3000 doses of rabies vaccine kindly provided by MSD Animal Health. They helped support Mayhew’s Anti-rabies programme through provision of the app and epidemiological research, recording the vaccinations and helping produce reports on the data.

The Mission Rabies team were also an invaluable support in training new dog catchers on how to correctly use nets to safely trap dogs for vaccinating. These lessons provide skills to the community members helping to eliminate this disease, allowing Mayhew to effectively continue their campaign.

Praveen notes that the dog population in Afghanistan is unlike that of India, but despite this, community members still showed willingness to get their dogs vaccinated, once they learnt of the lifesaving work being carried out by the teams. By mapping the area and revisiting the same areas to ensure as many dogs were vaccinated as possible, this enabled the teams to achieve the required percentage coverage to gain herd immunity and help eliminate rabies from Kabul.

By implementing such a system, Mayhew International and Mission Rabies have shown the effectiveness of dog vaccination programmes, empowering local communities and proving to the local Governments that Kabul can be rabies-free through the mass vaccination and ABC programmes.