Surviving Terrible Maggot Wounds Thanks to Mission Rabies and wvs Team

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emily king

November 13th 2017

During our mass drive in Goa, we've formed a super partnership with our sister charity, WVS and a local shelter, South Goa Welfare Trust for Animals. This has enabled our teams to pick up dogs for sterilisation and provide treatment to the stray dogs most in need.

Maisie was found by our team during their first week on the vaccination drive. She was very friendly but in a lot of pain, with an extensive maggot wound to the side of her neck. Our skilled animal handlers picked her up and took her to our clinic for treatment.

After careful assessment by our local vet Dr Shashi, we decided to give her a second chance at life!

After three days of flushing the wound and ridding Maisie of the maggots, our skilled surgeons were able to remove all the dead tissue and suture the inner layer of muscle. After a few more days, she was healing well and they could suture up the skin to allow her to fully recover.

Following a few more days of pain relief, antibiotics and lots of TLC from our team, this lucky girl was healthy once moire, and released back in the same location she was found.

What an incredible recovery! Watch the release video below to see how happy and healthy she is now!

A huge thank you to Team Bears and the wonderful WVS and Mission Rabies teams!