Team Tanzania Complete Vaccination Drive!

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emily king

January 31st 2018

For the last two weeks, our staff have been joined by a team of international volunteers to complete a vaccination drive in Meru district in Tanzania. Teams have been going street-to-street, door-to-door to reach as many dogs as possible to vaccinate against this deadly disease. 

In just two weeks, they've managed to vaccinate 4,789 dogs (and 33 cats!) against rabies! The communities of Meru district have also received education about reducing the risks of rabies, and what to do if bitten by a dog, with the ultimate goal of eliminating human deaths from rabies! 

The teams were also assisted by volunteers from our sister charity WVS and local charity Mbwa wa Africa, who ran a sterilisation and treatment clinic for any injured dogs found by the Mission Rabies teams on their drive. 

Teamwork is essential! Together, we will eliminate rabies!

Keep an eye out on our blog for volunteer stories coming soon!