The beast is ready to roooaaarrr

Post by
Luke Gamble
May 21st 2013

Time is marching on – only three and a half months before the launch! Biggest news is that the truck of power is ready to be picked up on Friday!! A huge yellow beast with a 6-cylinder in-line 7.2 litre engine (326hp), delivering 240 kW with a maximum torque of 1300 Nm at engine speeds from 1200 to 1600 rpm…. or so I am told. Most importantly it has loads of lights, a siren and a massive horn. Winner. Just have to figure out how to turn it on and we'll be away…

First stop will be central London. Always a good idea to pick up a 25tonne truck and take it for a spin somewhere challenging. It won't be a patch on what we'll experience in India and we need to get some practice in before we head over! We have a photoshoot at Marble Arch and then off on a tour of the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres, UK Vet schools and a couple of the top referral veterinary practices who are all kindly sponsoring us. If we scratch it, we'll be in trouble so here's hoping we don't have anymore 'wing mirror incidents' as per the driving course…. Look forward to letting you know how the first drive goes!