The heartwarming story of Margo, the dog

Post by

Jaigar O'Neill

July 29th 2020

Our team in Goa, India remain on-call all-year-round, ready to respond to incidents that come through our hotline. Everything from suspected rabies cases to animal emergencies and rescue stories just like Margo’s.

The local police altered our rescue team to Margo, a young dog in trouble near the Margao railway station. The team responded immediately and were heartbroken to see the condition Margo was in. Her right front paw had been cut off, possibly due to an accident, and she had a large wound at the top of the severed limb, filled with maggots. They acted quickly, wasting no time in getting Margo to the Worldwide Veterinary Service, Mission Rabies’ sister charity.

Straight away at the veterinary clinic in Assagao, Goa, Margo was given pain relief and initial wound treatment to make her as comfortable as possible. Then, it was time for the expert team to have a closer look at her injuries.

Margo’s forelimb was a stump, her paw had been completing severed. It meant that the team had no choice: they had to amputate her front right leg. But it was risky. Margot’s maggot-infested wound was too close to the surgery site. The team decided to delay the amputation and focus on treating the wound to minimise the risk of further infection.

It took 10 days of treatment for Margot’s wound to become a clean wound. It was then the veterinary team prepared for two surgeries – one to amputate the leg and the other to close the wound. Thankfully, both surgeries went ahead without any complications and Margo was able to begin her recovery.

Three weeks later, following round-the-clock care and ongoing medication, Margo made a full recovery. She was ready to return home – but where was home? The team didn’t have the heart to return sweet-natured Margo to the streets, despite seeing other three-legged dogs do incredibly well on their own. Determined, they searched high and low for a suitable home, sharing Margo’s story with their friends and family, and the wider community.

Just when they thought they were out of options, Team Manager for Mission Rabies Frank Fernandes stepped in to save the day and offered Margo her forever home.

Your support, no matter how small, can help us rescue animals like Margo as well as protect whole communities – both people and animals – against rabies.