The team in action

Post by
Kate Shervell
July 13th 2013

The Mission Rabies team have been hard at work with the staff from Humane Animal Society, Coimbatore for the past three days and have so far vaccinated an incredible 1279 dogs! This is a great trial run for the team, ready for September, and has been an opportunity to test out the data collection smartphone app, Epicollect, which we hope to use in September to give us a real-time map of when and where each dog has been rabies vaccinated! 

Our team of expert dog handlers, about to leave for Coimbatore

The Commisioner of Coimbatore marks the first dog vaccinated

Team vehicles ready for the vaccination drive

The catching team head for a garbage disposal area in the hunt for dogs

A 'net's eye view'! Catching street dogs with nets is the most humane method.

Dr Aswin with Venkatesh in action - catching and vaccinating!

Catching dogs in crowded streets is a real art!

The teams work efficiently through the streets to catch and vaccinate as many dogs as possible

Non-toxic paint is used to mark each dog as it is vaccinated to avoid accidentally vaccinating the same dogs twice and to allow us to check we are reaching at least 70% or more of the dog population to prevent rabies transmission

Dr Vinay vaccinates a community dog

Dr Vishnu from Humane Animal Society hard at work

Our vaccination teams attract a lot of interest in the streets!

Not every dog is grateful to receive their rabies shots!

Dr Jawahar vaccinating some young puppies. Dogs and puppies of all ages are vaccinated during the campaign

Expert animal handler, Mahadevan, assists Dr Vinay

The teams keep working, even in the dark!

Thank you to all the amazing vets and catchers for your hard work! Keep going to reach 3000!