Therapeutic Field Work

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Gowri Yale

October 10th 2016

The most important sector of Mission Rabies are the teams that go out everyday at day break and get back at or after dusk. Each team consists of a driver, 4 dog catchers/handlers, a data collector, a painter who also carries the cooler box with vaccines and a person to administer the vaccine. All of the team members are constantly involved in public awareness as it is inevitable with the spectators our "yellow brigade" gathers. There are two permanent teams in Goa throughout the year, this October we have six; vaccinating dogs throughout Bardez Taluk, Goa.

I personally find accompanying the teams for vaccination "therapeutic", a calming feeling that is accompanied by a sense of satisfaction that increases your self worth. Usually in my experience the crux of a project is mayhem and if there are multiple teams involved it is indescribable, but these field trips represent the epitome of "organised" - reflect the passion behind the mission. While I was out there enjoying vaccinating the dogs, admiring the skilful catching techniques of the team, sharing stories with our volunteer, amazed by the popularity Mission Rabies had gathered over just 2 years; I wondered about the work that had gone behind it.

Julie Corfmat, please take a bow! Our project manager has moulded these teams to what they are today. Her work ranges from the team's human resource and their vaccinations, government body intimations - certifications and reporting, vehicle running and maintenance, material sourcing, vaccine cold chain, account maintenance, the list goes on. The list is long and varied for everyone at MR. The mere thought of it sent me on a wonder-thunder spree!  So I told myself to stop thinking about anything and enjoyed rest of the day throughly.

Like I said, I personally find this field work "relaxing", to others it might feel different but I guarantee a pleasant difference.