We have lift off!

Post by
Kate Shervell
September 2nd 2013

With day two of the vaccination programme in full swing, Mission Rabies is off to a flying start. Our official launch took place on Saturday in Goa, with simultaneous events taking place at the other southern checkpoints, generating much interest within the Indian media.

The teams of local staff and overseas volunteers (still recovering from their long-haul flights and jetlag), donned their yellow Mission Rabies t-shirts and took to the streets to begin their work yesterday. The results are still coming in, but we can confirm that our group in Erode, in collaboration with IPAN and People For Animals Coimbatore, managed to vaccinate 172 dogs in a single morning, while in Goa they smashed their daily target by treating an incredible 548 dogs! A fantastic result for the first day.

There are new features coming to www.missionrabies.com - check out the 'vacinnometer' on the homepage to stay up-to-date with the latest number of dogs treated. The gallery is nearly ready to go live, so we will be able to showcase the many great images that are being captured. We are also working on a lovely new map that will show how many dogs have been vaccinated in each region, as well as the truck’s progress as it makes its way across India.

In the meantime, we are posting regular updates on all the exciting developments, including some superb photos, to Facebook and Twitter, so don't forget to 'like' or 'follow' us if you haven't already.