World Zoonoses Day

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emily king

July 6th 2017

Every day our teams across the globe strive to vaccinate dogs and educate communities with the aim of eliminating rabies entirely, but on World Zoonoses Day, spreading the message is even more important.

With today being World Zoonoses Day, the Mission Rabies teams have gone to work with added drive today to do something about rabies.

Rabies is classed as a zoonotic disease because it spreads to people from animals. It is caused by a virus which has been round for millennia and in the worst affected countries is mostly spread in the saliva of dogs. After being bitten by an infected animal, the virus travels to the brain over several weeks.

Once in the brain it changes the victim's behaviour to increase the chances of passing the virus on to a new host - often causing the furious signs of aggression and biting in dogs. Once signs begin, the infected animal or person will inevitably die within 10 days.

We are working to eliminate the disease from areas all together through vaccinating the dog population, something which needs to be taken up on a massive scale without delay in some of the poorest areas of Africa and Asia.

Rabies is a 100% vaccine preventable disease, yet 100 children each day die from it due to its continuing spread. We are going to change that!

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