Zero By 30 Challenge Begins!

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emily king

August 30th 2017

We're making preparations for World Rabies Day 2017, taking place on the 28th September! That's in exactly 30 days, making it the perfect time to launch our 30-day challenge, Zero By 30!

Rabies causes the deaths of around 61,000 people a year, most of whom are under the age of 15. But it is 100% vaccine preventable! Here at Mission Rabies, we have one mission: to eliminate rabies by 2030.

In 2013, we launched in India where a third of all human rabies cases occur. Our first campaign, run by vets, vet nurses and volunteers from 14 countries, achieved over 60,000 dog vaccinations across 12 locations in India. This all happened in just 30 days! 

So we're setting you the challenge to do something amazing for 30 days. Take on a challenge that's going to positively impact your life, and help us raise awareness of this deadly disease. 

Perhaps you could brave going full vegan for a month. Or you could ditch the car and cycle to work. Why not fundraise for 30 days? Maybe it’s time you started to learn one French word everyday...non?

There's so many ideas you could do! And we want to hear about it! To help inspire you, starting today and continuing up until World Rabies Day, our team members at HQ in Dorset, UK and further afield are going to be taking on challenges such as learning Hindi or sign language, taking on hula hooping tricks and the plank challenge, learning new skills such as photography, origami or knitting! And our very own Luke Gamble has pledged to write 500-1000 words a day of a children's book which he will read to his children at the end of the challenge! You can read about all that's happening in the campaign by following this link:

On World Rabies Day, it'll be your turn to follow in our footsteps and take on a challenge for the next 30 days! Share your challenges with our team using the hashtag #Zeroby30 and tag Mission Rabies on social media to join the fight! Get people to sponsor you or donate to the cause by setting up your own fundraising page through our campaign using this link:

Don't worry, if you can't commit to a challenge, there are still plenty of ways you can help support us! You can donate via this link

Our teams work tirelessly every day, vaccinating dogs, educating communities, and fighting to eliminate this disease! And now we need you! So spread the word, and help us raise an incredible £30,000 to continue this vital work.