Live Updates

Through this section you can follow the vaccination campaign in Blantyre, Malawi where our teams will be working during the next 4 weeks to eliminate rabies from the city.

Join us day by day through live maps, blogs and video updates tracking our teams as they roam the streets of Blantyre, delivering life saving rabies vaccines to every dog in their path. The campaign lauchned at the end of April and will last until the end of May.

The map below shows the area that the teams are vaccinating this month, with the GPS of every vaccine administered and the previous day's vaccinations highlighted in yellow. Blogs underneath will tell the story of the campaign through the eyes of our staff and volunteers.

Interact with us through the hashtag #rabiesmalawi17 and support the ongoing work of Mission Rabies by giving what you can, be it fundraising, volunteering or a donation.We can prevent the death of thousands of children every year through mass dog vaccination in Malawi. If you would like to support our work directly, please also visit our crowdfunding page Lifesaving lessons to help us to reach more children with our education programme.

Mission Rabies have been working since 2013 to develop tools and methods to make this happen on a big scale. For more information about our projects visit the Our Projects section.

Education of those at risk is paramount in fighting this disease and preveting it in people. Barbara joined us as an education volunteer during our me...

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