Live Updates: ghana 3rd - 14th feb 2020

Through this section you can follow our 2nd vaccination campaign in Bosomtwe District, Ghana - where our teams are working RIGHT NOW to eliminate rabies! For the next two weeks, we'll be combining the work of awesome international and local volunteers who are giving up their time and veterinary skills to help us rid the world of this zoonotic disease.

We are working with the Ghanaian Veterinary and Human Health departments to deliver lifesaving lessons to the communities of Bosomtwe District.

Join us day by day through live maps, blogs and video updates tracking our teams as they roam the paths of Ghana, delivering life-saving rabies vaccines to as many dogs as possible - protecting the dogs and the communities they live alongside. This years campaign launched on the 3rd February and will continue until the 14th February.  

The map below shows the areas that the teams are vaccinating, with each coloured section representing a team's vaccination area. The GPS of every vaccine administered and the previous day's vaccinations are also highlighted. Blogs underneath tell the story of the campaign and our other successful vaccination and education programmes around the world through the eyes of our staff, volunteers and those directly affected by rabies.

Interact with us through the hashtag #MissionRabiesGhana and support the ongoing work of Mission Rabies by giving what you can, be it fundraising, volunteering or a donation. We can prevent the death of thousands of children every year through mass dog vaccination in Ghana and other world rabies hotspots. If you would like to support our work directly, please donate here.

In February, Kemba - a vet from the US-  joined us as part of a team of 10 incredible volunteers on our first ever vaccination drive out in Ghana...

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WSAVA Foundation Support Mission to Eliminate Rabies from Ghana

Dogs Vaccinated

Children Educated